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The Problem

For Insurance Actuary and Underwriting:

Limited Riders Safety Data Availability Can

Hinder Actuaries Ability to Assess Risk, Pricing, Underwriting and to Set Profitable Premiums.

For Fleet Owners and the shared Micromobility market:
Scooters & eBikes riders often consider themselves as separate from the rest of the vehicles on the road, in terms of obeying traffic laws. This has caused an irresponsible behavior of the riders, such as running-red-lights (about 80% in TLV), riding on sidewalks and against traffic (about 40% in
It's a jungle out there!!!

Cities and shared Micromobility operators are struggling to deal with those issues and having big difficulty of enforcing rider's behavior or preventing riders from making those and other traffic violations. 

Cities and shared Micromobility operators also don't have any "BIG DATA", related to traffic violations and riders safety behavior in the city.

VComm's Solution


For insurance – Data-based riders risk assessment:

  • Riders safety insights for insurance actuary.

  • Improve Underwriting and Cost of claims.

  • Adaptive pricing for Increase of profitability with innovative competitive edge data-driven solution.


For Two-Wheelers fleet owners - riders safety behavior control & management:

  • Riders safety compliance.

  • Reduction of insurance lawsuits and costs.

  • Damage control and monitoring.

For the shared Micromobility market:

Rider's behavior rating, classification, and risk assessment by data fusion & analytics in the Cloud.

The riders rating can be delivered back to the riders, the shared Micromobility operators, Two-wheelers Fleet Owners, insurance companies and municipalities, for action.

This concept comes to educate riders for a better, more responsible and safer behavior.

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